Should You Consider Using a Virtual Private Server?

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You have probably noticed how virtual private servers have increased in popularity over the years.  This is basically because they have increased their performance and lowered their costs.  That has to mean something as more and more people like you in need of a reliable host for their project are getting themselves a VPS.

So, to answer the question in the title, let us first describe what a virtual private server is and what we believe are the benefits of one.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

Put in simple words, a virtual private server is a virtual service that allows you to place your stuff on the internet.  It is like a virtual machine that you are sold.  This machine is sold to you by an Internet host service.

This VPS runs its own copy of operating system and customers have access to this OS so that they can install as many features as they want that operate in this OS.  As a customer, you have access to anything that the virtual machine’s operating system can offer, but not to the servers.

Five Benefits of Using a VPS

Check out these five benefits of using a VPS for your internet project.

  1. You Save Money.  We placed this one first, not because it is of major importance, but because, if you are a startup, you probably are on a budget and need an inexpensive host service.  A small web hosting environment can be obtained for as much as $29.  With the tremendous advances in virtualization, these services will only get cheaper.  This cost is almost as cheap as a shared host but without the risk of performance issues.
  2. Full Access to the Server.  When you have root access, you can tweak your website according to your need.  You do not need to wait for your hosting provider to support it.  With shared web servers, due to their security, which is optimized, much of this software cannot be installed due to security concerns.
  3. Reliability.  When you are sharing something, if somebody screws up, all those sharing suffer.  It is the same with a shared surfer.  In other words, if you are sharing a server with a kid unprofessional programmer and he makes the entire servers crash, your website will suffer.  This is a thing of the past with VPS.
  4. You Can Be Green. Green hosting has also become very popular over the past few years.  The resources of a VPS are usually split into several users for the same server in order to optimize its resources.
  5. Scale Resources with no Problem.  If you are starting a new website, growth is an important part of the process.  You want to be able to scale resources without a problem.  When you buy a VPS, you are allotted with a certain amount of resources depending on the package you purchased.  This is what we call a container.  If in the future, you need more resources, you can easily allocate them in your container.

Should I Consider One?

If you are planning on growing and making your project and business scale, a virtual private network is the best choice for you.  You will see how this becomes a pretty worthy investment.