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Should You Consider Using a Virtual Private Server?

You have probably noticed how virtual private servers have increased in popularity over the years.  This is basically because they have increased their performance and lowered their costs.  That has to mean something as more and more people like you in need of a reliable host for their project are getting themselves a VPS. So, to answer the question in… Read more »

Hardening Database – Prevent Information Theft

Your database contains all information about your server, website or application. A well-designed database will have all sorts of information, from billions of dollars to a piece of junk data, all can be found in a database. Therefore, making sure that your database is fully locked down is an essential part of developing any kind of application. As long as… Read more »

Keeping Your Website Secure – Basic Guide

Nowadays, a lot of malicious hackers are trying to gain access to our precious information. There have been so many attempts all over the world to gain access to databases, email accounts, bank accounts and so many more. But hackers don’t only target desktop computers; they also target servers and websites. By targeting servers and websites and if they can… Read more »