About Us

Welcome to Swiss IT Security, the home of IT security experts. We are an organization working hard to keep the internet safe by detecting, analyzing and removing malicious threats. We do our best to prevent any malicious hackers in gaining precious data such as credit card information, personal information, website usernames and passwords and more. In addition to that, we provide virus and malware removal services to clean an infested system.

Our website, Swiss IT Security, was the product of our dedication in bringing a better world for Information Technology. Without a website, it will be hard to communicate, connect and convey our company profile, news and events. That’s how our website came to be.

Many of you are probably well aware about the rampant attack of malicious hackers who are creating different methods of gaining access towards your confidential information. From your private pictures to your bank account details and PIN, there are so many reasons as to why would a malicious hacker would try to gain access to your system.

Our website, Swiss IT Security will provide information and tips on keeping your computer, network and system safe. We will provide you with the knowledge of determining whether a program, application or a downloaded file is a malicious program or potentially unwanted program. You will be able to learn and understand the way hackers try to steal information from their victims. Armed with the knowledge, you should be able to avoid being a victim of a malicious hacker’s hands.